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This blog is intended for professional astronomers. The goal of AstroBetter is to provide information and tips about streamlining all the things we need to do Astronomy well. In addition to mac computing, our discussions include email management, paper organization, iPhone apps, and the like. In addition, we also provide methods for increasing productivity and efficiency in our self-directed work environment. It’s just too easy to focus on proposal deadlines and upcoming observing runs (and blogging) instead of actually writing papers! We scientists are not the only people with this problem and there are some really nice, motivating resources out there worth sharing.


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Astronomy Blog describes itself like this: “An astronomy blog based in the UK. Pondering questions such as ‘Why does the Moon look orange?'” The blogger, Stuart states he set it up as “somewhere to write about astronomy and astrophysics related stuff.” He does a good job of it, too.


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IIA, Library

Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Library

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