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This blog is intended for professional astronomers. The goal of AstroBetter is to provide information and tips about streamlining all the things we need to do Astronomy well. In addition to mac computing, our discussions include email management, paper organization, iPhone apps, and the like. In addition, we also provide methods for increasing productivity and efficiency in our self-directed work environment. It’s just too easy to focus on proposal deadlines and upcoming observing runs (and blogging) instead of actually writing papers! We scientists are not the only people with this problem and there are some really nice, motivating resources out there worth sharing.


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Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan His LIFE and WORK

by D C V Mallik and S Chatterje, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru University Press (India) Pvt Ltd, 2012

This is an eminently readable account of not only the life and scientific contributions of Sir K. S. Krishnan FRS but also in many ways, the history of the genesis of modern physics in India from the 1920s to the early 1960s. Written by two scientists at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics with a strong interest in the history and popularization of science in India, it relies heavily on the private papers in the possession of Krishnan’s family as well as interviews of many of his students and colleagues.

Source: American Journal of Physics, Vol..80, No.11, November 2012, pp.1035

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