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Full text of the research papers published in October 2012 can be accessed from Indian Institute of Astrophysics Repository.

Gupta, G. R., Teriaca, L., Marsch, E., Solanki, S. K., Banerjee, D, 2012, Spectroscopic observations of propagating disturbances in a polar coronal hole: evidence of slow magneto-acoustic waves, A&A, 546, A93

Krishna Prasad, S., Banerjee, D., Van Doorsselaere, T., Singh, J, 2012, Omnipresent long-period intensity oscillations in open coronal structures, A&A, 546, A50

Ramya, P., Reddy, B. E., Lambert, D. L, 2012, Chemical compositions of stars in two stellar streams from the Galactic thick disc, MNRAS, 425, 3188

Smitha, H. N., Sowmya, K., Nagendra, K. N., Sampoorna, M., Stenflo, J. O, 2012, Polarized Line Transfer with F-state Interference in a Non-magnetic Medium: Partial Frequency Redistribution Effects in the Collisionless Regime, ApJ, 758, 112

Sujatha, E. R., Rajamanickam, G. V., Kumaravel, P, 2012, Landslide susceptibility analysis using Probabilistic Certainty Factor Approach: A case study on Tevankarai stream watershed, India, Journal of Earth Sys Sci, 121, 1337


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