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Full text of the research papers published in August 2012 can be accessed from Indian Institute of Astrophysics Repository.

 Bramich, D. M., Arellano Ferro, A., Figuera Jaimes, R., Giridhar, S, 2012, Investigation of variable star candidates in the globular cluster NGC 5024 (M53), MNRAS, 424, 2722

Goyal, A., Gopal-Krishna., Wiita, P. J., Anupama, G. C., Sahu, D. K., Sagar, R., Joshi, S, 2012, Intra-night optical variability of core dominated radio quasars: the role of optical polarization, A&A, 544, A37

 Jose, J., Pandey, A. K., Ogura, K., Samal, M. R., Ojha, D. K., Bhatt, B. C., Chauhan, N., Eswaraiah, C., Mito, H., Kobayashi, N., Yadav, R. K, 2012, Optical and near-infrared survey of the stellar contents associated with the star-forming complex Sh2-252, MNRAS, 424, 2486

 Louis, R. E., Ravindra, B., Mathew, S. K., Bellot Rubio, L. R., Bayanna, A. R., Venkatakrishnan, P. 2012, Analysis of a fragmenting sunspot using hinode observations, ApJ, 755, 16

 Muthumariappan, C., Parthasarathy, M., Jayakumar, K., Appakutty, M. 2012,  ɛ Aur in eclipse: Post-AGB primary and disk-shaped secondary, IAUS, 283, 454

Muthumariappan, C., Reddy, B. E. 2012, 1D radiative transfer models of 21 and 30 μm emission features in proto-planetary nebulae, IAUS, 283, 456

 Pravabati, C., Park, C., Yogendran, K. P., van de Weygaert, R. 2012, Hot and cold spot counts as probes of non-gaussianity in the cosmic microwave background, ApJ, 755, 122

 Rodríguez-Ledesma, M. V., Mundt, R., Ibrahimov, M., Messina, S., Parihar, P. S., Hessman, F. V., Alves de Oliveira, C., Herbst, W. 2012, An unusual very low-mass high-amplitude pre-main sequence periodic variable, A&A, 544, A112

 Sahoo, B. K., Das, B. P. 2012, Ba+ quadrupole polarizabilities: theory versus experiment, Phy. Rev. A, 86, 022506

 Vigeesh, G., Fedun, V., Hasan, S. S., Erdelyi, R. 2012, Three-dimensional simulations of magnetohydrodynamic waves in magnetized solar atmosphere, ApJ, 755, 18


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